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Oculto Iced

Oculto Iced

Constantia Flexibles have brought a new beverage brand to life with new multi-sensory labels. The labels alter with varying temperature.

The labels, produced by Constantia Flexibles Labels Division, include a front label that features the brand’s signature mask with a tactile ink as well as black light inks to enhance the consumer’s experience. The back label incorporates a thermochromic ink which changes colour in response to temperature variation. At room temperature the labels feature blue agave leaves, but when cold the design transforms and eyes are revealed.

Oculto, meaning ‘hidden’ or ‘waiting to be found’, was launched on Friday the 13th, an unlucky day in some parts of the world, and encapsulates mystery and intrigue, according to Jorn Socquet, vice president of marketing at Anheuser-Busch InBev.

This innovative design could be the first of many, with other advances occurring such as Linerless Labels. The labelling industry is becoming more and more exciting and here at Positive ID we will continue to provide you with frequent updates from the labelling world.

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