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Ravenwood Packaging have stated that they believe labels and sleeves are continuing to win ground over other ‘more-elaborate packaging formats’, and that linerless labels are surging forward in the world of labelling and packaging as a result of their green credentials. Recent linerless labelling introductions have included slidable, skin-pack and super-protruding labels for bulky products, such as whole joints of meat.

The labelling world is starting to realise that less is more and that minimalist labelling is becoming adopted as standard by the food packaging sector across the world and particularly for chilled foods.

Manufacturing these labels are more popular as they result in producing less waste than conventional labelling in that they have no liner or backing paper. Savings can be made in the production process as linerless labels allow for more than a 50 percent reduction in the need for label changeover. The costs associated with transporting labels are also lower as they are lighter and less bulky.

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