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bottle tags

bottle tags

Alcoholic beverage brand Rémy Martin has worked with Selinko to create the worlds first connected bottle tag. 

This tag includes a high-security NFC chip, combined with asymmetric encryption and detects the opening of the bottle and also remains active afterwards.

The technology has been created by Selinko and is used to detect previously unopened bottles and also to allow the consumer to stay in contact with the brand in the future.

The connection is done via an Android smartphone app which when tapped on the top of the bottle, displays if the bottle is genuine or has been resealed. Once the bottle is opened, the NFC integrated tag will emit a different signal, indicating the change from ‘sealed’ to ‘opened’.

The consumer is also eligible to earn points towards the Rémy Martin engagement program when tapping the bottle again. The security of the technology is the same level as electronic passports or bankcards. It will be used to communicate with customers regarding rewards, events, special offers e.t.c.

The connected bottle will be available in China later this year.

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