Nutritional Labelling Legislation 2016

nutritional label

Following on from the changes last year, which we heavily covered here on nutritionallabelour blog, there are a few additional changes coming into force next year. From the 13th December 2016, nutrition information will become mandatory under new EU legislation.

The new regulation makes nutrition labelling mandatory, and
instructs food manufacturers to provide information on the energy value and 6 nutrients; fat, saturates, carbohydrate, sugars, protein and salt – in this order, and expressed per 100g or per 100ml of product. This information should be presented in a nutrition table in the same field of vision (most likely to be the back of the pack), and may in addition be expressed on a per portion basis.

For the majority of food packaging labels, a minimum font size of 1.2textmm is required for all mandatory food information. Smaller packaging (with a largest surface below 80cm squared) has a smaller minimum font size requirement (0.9mm). Additionally, voluntary information (e.g. slogans or claims) must not be presented in a manner that impinges on the presentation of mandatory information.

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