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Positive ID are proud to offer 4 sandwich labelling solutions for our customers.

Sandwich labelling Starter Pack

Sandwich Labelling – Starter Pack:

This solutions is ideal for any business that already has a computer set up. If you can use your own computer to manage your own sandwich or food product database, then this solutions is for you.

Preparation of a database is simple and can be done using either a spreadsheet such as MS Excel, Libre Office or Open Office. The database can be used to manipulate food titles, sales blurb, prices and any other information you might wish to include on your labels.

In addition to the printer, you also receive a copy of LabelDirect Pro, the simplest and most user friendly solution for designing and printing labels. This software lets you manage label stock and then design and print fantastic eye catching labels, including graphics and icons.

Call 01332 864895 for more details.

Standard Sandwich Labelling Pack

Sandwich Labelling – Standard Pack

This solution is ideal if you want a separate stand alone, “ready-to-go-out-of-the-box” solution.

Unlike the starter pack, the standard pack comes with its own pre-configured software and printer already installed. What’s more, with a little bit of help from you, we will actually prepare your labels on the system and your database before delivery so you can literally plug in and start printing your labels with 15 minutes of receiving the product.

What we do:

  • Install Label Direct
  • Install the printer and its drivers
  • Install Libre Office/Open Office Software
  • Design your database
  • Design your label template
  • Configure the system ready to print from the moment you switch it on.

Because we set everything up first, you don’t waste any precious time getting things working – we do it all for you.

Call 01332 864895 for more details.

Sandwich Labelling - Scanner pack

Sandwich Labelling – Scanner Pack

Ideal for a company with a computer already and the desire to print labels in a more ‘on-demand’ manner.

Using your own computer to configure the system’s database and label designs, you can then upload your labels into the printer memory. From here you can then control the printer as a stand-alone unit using the laser scanner.

Simply prepare a list of labels and assign a barcode to each label in your label repertoire. Once selected, you then tell the printer ow many copies you would like to print using the same barcode scanner. You finally scan the “go” command and the printer will complete your label run.

Call 01332 864895 for more details.

Further support packages available. Please enquire.

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