Charlie delighted with PIDs Butter Labels

Cheshire Butter

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Charlie’s Cheshire Butter are located in the heart of Cheshire and the farm has been passed down through generations. The company produce small packs of butter for farm shops and delis. We are proud to reveal that we now produce their labels which go over their greaseproof paper. The labels display the ingredients with the allergens differentiated in bold text.  Also, PID produce labels to go on the ends as well as along the butter. The labels meet the allergen labelling regulations and produce a nice aesthetic finish to their delightful butter.

Charlie recently contacted us praising the labels and stated that they have gone out to farm shops and delis already!

We thank them for their co-operation and patience during the butter end

We are proud to hold great relationships with all of our customers and look forward to many other stories like this in the near future. Positive ID Labelling obviously thrives on providing labels for our customers. All of our labelling systems are supported by our own labelling manufacturing capability, ranging from as few as 5,000 to as many as 5,000,000 labels… and all at competitive prices.

To find out more information don’t hesitate to contact us via our telephone number or the contact form below.

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