Allergen Labelling – Differentiating Allergens

allergen label


Here at Positive ID, we produce thousands of food labels for our customers to allergen labelsuit various needs. Under the current legislation, in the ingredient list, allergens need to be differentiated from the other ingredients. This can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • Varying  the font
  • “Reverse-out” highlighting
  • Capitalisation
  • Underlining
  • Colour
  • Italicisation

Usually, we use UPPERCASE text to signify that the ingredient is an allergen. Unfortunately, we do not like to use bold text to differentiate allergens as with small text and a 200dpi printer the difference in text is negligible. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all allergens are differentiated by using UPPERCASE text.

For further information regarding designs and specifics of food labelling, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Positive ID Labelling obviously thrives on providing labels for our customers. All of our labelling systems are supported by our own labelling manufacturing capability, ranging from as few as 5,000 to as many as 5,000,000 labels… and all at competitive prices.

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